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FlatIconMaker is an powerful, flexible icon drawing software, easy to create flat icon, outline icon, glyph icon
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14 November 2014

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As a web designer or a UI creator, you may have always wanted to include eye catchy icons in your designs. However the time an effort required to create icons from scratch would have normally dissuaded you from your wish. However with FlatIconMaker 1.3.5 you can now have visually appealing icons that are not only top notch but can be created in quick time. Apart from giving you an easy way to create sleek icons, the tool also comes with 80 pre-drawn icons of different types, that you can use directly or take as templates to be modified.

On launch the FlatIconMaker 1.3.5 sports a neat interface that seems easy to get used to. You would find a whole set of standard drawing options that are typically found in other graphic editors. Everything from a color picker to a ripper tool and text editing is present in the application. From the point of designing icons, the software facilitates vector drawing which helps modify the default outline of an icon with ease. With this tool you can draw glyph icons and even make photorealistic icons without spending hours. The tool comes with a host of sophisticated features like graphic union and clones besides offering options for rotation and intersects. If needed you can use the tool to create outline icons or use its neat order feature. If that was not all, the tool is rather easy on your system resources and gets downloaded and installed within minutes due to its compact size.

In a world where the need to stand out from your peers is the often the key to success, the FlatIconMaker 1.3.5 gives you the opportunity to design striking UIs encompassed with classy icons without spending a fortune. We mark this remarkable software with a score of three rating stars for its extensive repertoire of aesthetic icons.

Publisher's description

FlatIconMaker is an powerful, flexible icon drawing software, easy to create flat icon, outline icon, glyph icon or photorealistic icon.
Vector Drawing:
Advanced vector drawing environment that allows to freely change the icon outline.
Powerful Ttool:
30 standard drawing tools include Rectangle, Ellipse, Pencil, Bezier, Polygon, Transfer, Riper, Clone, Color Pick, Color Fill, Text and more.
80 Original Icons:
Built 80 variety of icons, you can create an icon via double-clicking the mouse. More Features: More powerful features include graphic union, intersect, exclude, order (to front, to bottom, back one, forward one), alignment and rotation.
Version 1.3.5
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